Founder’s Message:

Paragon Academy a renown educational department located in Kankai Municipality-3, Surunga Jhapa. It is formally brought in surunga in order  to fullfill the modern need of education in 2064 BS. It is possible in this locality as a popular educational department due to the precious educational contribution o late Mr. Laxman Subedi, the founder principle of the school. After serving long time in the field of education he felt lacking of such educational institution as a result this institution is established long with the motto “Education Par Excellence”.

                                                                                      At the starting phase it was running classes from Nursery to grade six with 215 students on the first day. Due to the valuable contribution of all the stakeholders the number of students reached 700 at present and the school has also been well facilitated, well managed and one of the choice of education prayer parents. The schol is providing life oriented, communicative, technological, and multi-skill oriented education through the modern, technological, student centered techmiques from well qualified and well trained schoolars. It involves all the students in various national and international, skill based project in the field of educating children to produce the qualitative human resources in various fields. The school is focusing on the use of technological equipments and digital literacy in the process educating children. Due to the precious,enthusistic effort of whole schoolk family the school is authorized with “International School Awar 2017” by British Council which is the major example of project oriented education in the school. At the present all the member’s of Paragon family are involving in different, national as well as international projects collaborating with other schools in national and international level.

          As a founder I want to express my own as well as the whole school gratitude to all the member’s of paragon family. I have belived all teachers, students, parents staff, and all the stakeholders will co-operate and contribute greatly from their optimum level to the institution as the summit of sucess in near furture. We are planned to make this institution as a wll developed, well facilated and one of the best choice in the field of education in global level.